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Succeed in High School

Before you get to the post-secondary school that best fits you, you’re going to need to do well in high school. Our high school success modules will help you with important tasks like note-taking and test-taking, and they’ll also cover soft skills like how to deal with bullies or manage your time to get everything done that you need to.


Discover Your Post-Secondary Options

Once you’re doing great in high school, you can start to look ahead at your post-secondary possibilities. These include four-year colleges, two-year colleges, technical and trade schools. We’ll not only explain what these are and how you can apply to them, but we’ll also help you figure out which of these options is the best fit to help you find a great, satisfying career.

Finance Your Future

Once you know what type of school you’ll be attending, you’ll need to know how to pay for it. We don’t want you finishing your post-secondary degree and having hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. We’ll take you through scholarships, grants, the FAFSA, and state financial aid programs to let you know the variety of ways you can get money that you won’t have to pay back after finishing your degree.

Curriculum Snapshots
9th Grade

Welcome to high school!  While the new environment of high school awaits, this year is the beginning of your academic record for college.

10th Grade

It’s time to start exploring colleges and future career paths!  Learn what colleges look for in applicants and how to find the college that’s right for you.

11th Grade

Things are starting to heat up. In addition to facing challenging courses you may want to consider taking college entrance exams.

12th Grade

The big decision looms large... college!  From completing the Common Application, to submitting letters of recommendation and applying for financial aid, we’ll help you complete each step on time.